Lisa’s Beets


Posted by Miriam Rubin on March 31, 2011

Lisa Cherkasky is my good friend and a most talented food stylist. She and I met when we worked together as the fish cooks at a tony Washington, DC restaurant. She emailed me one day, asking for Chioggia beets. I explained that there was  nothing growing in the garden just yet. But I had an idea, and sent Lisa to a connection who helped her to source the beets. The rest is history. Or in my latest story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Please go to this link:

These are photos that Lisa snapped as the story was being shot. For the beet face, she used a chile for the nose, pink peppercorns for the lips and crystallized ginger for the teeth.

Play with your food!

Spring is Near


Posted by Miriam Rubin on March 28, 2011

The frogs are once again croaking in our pond. They’re called Wood Frogs, named, I believe, because they live most of the time in the woods. They search out water in which to breed, often shallow ponds, known as vernal ponds.

In our yard, they breed in the deep pond my husband dug to catch water for the garden. Right now, along with the frogs, the red-winged blackbirds are singing and squeaking to each other. They’re massed in a tree just near the pond, over the frogs.

Time’s getting short, it all seems to say. There’s so much to do right now. Seeds to start, a garden to spread manure over and till (my husband’s tasks). For me, there are stories to finish, shortcakes and biscuits to bake–book proposals to wrangle.

With an orangey-pink sunset, and the promise of more sunshine tomorrow, all one can do is keep on. Really.