Spring, once more


Posted by Miriam Rubin on April 28, 2011

We are thrilled that the weather has finally changed. It’s gone from cold to hot, from rainy to not-rainy, but thankfully not dry. Tonight it’s supposed to get chilly, which is good for all manner of growing things, and the lilacs, which perfume our world. And the mushrooms, which we don’t usually look for. But these guys found us, on a walk with the dogs.

David holding a puff ball and two morel mushrooms

This is not recommendation to eat things you find in the wild, especially mushrooms! But we checked these out with our neighbor, and he knows his mushrooms.

Also doing great is the rhubarb.

Rhubarb Emerging after a Long Winter

Here is the rhubarb a few weeks ago, and now it’s long and lanky, nearly wilting when it gets just a little hot. I am going out into the garden to cut some stalks and gently stew them with raspberries, frozen from last year.

First Plantings


Posted by Miriam Rubin on April 10, 2011

The First Tilling

Spring finally made it to our hill, in the form of 80+degree weather that is almost strange. David tilled the garden several times over, dug up, with a digging tool, the old manure from the goat barn and spread it in the garden. So we’re ready and fertile.

Well the soil is. And we’re waiting for it to dry so we can plant peas, radishes, beets, chard and spinach.

At the bottom of the garden, below, here, is the garlic which was planted last spring. It’s made it through the freezes and thaws and the countless rains. It’s looking great.

Garlic Row

I’m off to plant. Hope the seeds sprout.