Happy Pie Day!


Posted by Miriam Rubin on January 22, 2013

January 23, National Pie Day is a sweet day of celebration. So get out your rolling pins and  pie plates and your favorite recipe.

Need inspiration? Check out my PG Forks Blog Post here: http://www.pgplate.com/in-the-kitchen/197-happy-pie-day


happy pie da


Happy Baking!

Plans for Planting


Posted by Miriam Rubin on January 7, 2013

december lane 06 pastel


The title of this pastel by my husband David is December Lane. Now that it’s frozen January  it seems too long ago when there was any color to record. This is what our lane looks like now, from a slightly different angle.


Winter lane, 2013

Yes, it’s as cold and icy as it looks. Yes, it seems to be in black-and-white. Which is why I’m inside, thinking about which types of onions plants to order. I always plant sweet white onions, yellow keepers, and red onions. My friend who is ordering them puts hers in according to the full moon in May. I plant these slender shoots much earlier, in  March and April, as soon as the soil has dried a bit and is workable. And looks like this. (Yes, color returns.)

starting to plant


I’m also looking at the glossy catalogues that fill our mailbox at this time of year, and thinking, musing and dreaming about tomatoes. My book, Tomatoes comes out in March. I’m so thrilled.


So in very early spring, it will be time to start tomato seedlings. Soon, our laundry room-greenhouse will be filled with the smell of promise and these little plants.

Tomato Seedlings

I can’t wait.






Posted by Miriam Rubin on January 6, 2013

My new story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is Coffeecake. Who doesn’t need something sweet for the New Year?

You can see the story here: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/life/food/coffeecake-slice-savor-and-share-668772/

But here are a few more how-to kitchen photos of the Cherry-Almond Coffeecake. The recipe comes from a wonderful book, Elizabeth Alston’s “Breakfast with Friends.”

Creaming butter and sugar

Creaming soft butter and sugar

cherry pie filling

The recipe uses half a can of cherry pie filling or 1 cup, but I always use it all and make 2 cakes. One gets frozen or given away for a very welcome gift. Note, coffeecake freezes well and thaws in no time.

Batter in pan

Spread half the batter in a springform pan. Spoon half the cherry pie filling on top. Swirl it in.


Add the remaining batter and cherry pie filling. Sprinkle with almonds. Bake.


Cake Eaten

This cake never stays around long. Get the recipe from the story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.