The Art of Soup and Bread


Posted by Miriam Rubin on March 3, 2014

This is my latest story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, published just when another round of freezing weather hit us. Soup will save you, bread will keep you happy.


Minestrone and Focaccia

This is my Chickpea Minestrone and Sweet-Onion Whole-Wheat Focaccia from the story. The secret to this soup is adding the Parmesan rind to enrich the flavor. Of course, this soup tastes best the day after it’s made. With all those fresh vegetables, it’ll fill you up and satisfy. Plus it fills the kitchen with wonderful aromas. Make it vegetarian if you want. That’s just as delicious.




This is one of my favorite breads from the story. It’s Buttermilk Bread, a recipe I adapted from Judith and Evan Jones’ Bread Book. Making bread and soup is a wonderful way to spend a chilly afternoon.


Above is what it looks like sliced. Creamy and silky. Add a little whole wheat flour if you wish.


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