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Posted by Miriam Rubin on June 12, 2013

Just trying to catch up with my blogging and posting!

Here are some other Miriam’s Garden columns published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It’s such a honor to write for the PG and my column is now in it’s 6th year! My garden is in it’s 17th year, which is even more amazing. And guess what, we don’t have the 17-year cicadias yet. That’s next year. This year we have my new book, and traveling around and promoting it has been wonderful. Nice to meet people and sign books, have them taste Heirloom Tomato Jam. I’ve gotten great response and rewarding reviews! Makes me love tomatoes even more.

Here is my book in the shop at the Tryon Palace, a historical site in beautiful New Bern, North Carolina, a little town on a big river. New Bern is also and the home of Pepsi Cola.



I also toured the Tryon Palace Kitchen Gardens with Janet Loader, who graciously showed me around. Look at these artichokes! I can’t grow them in Pennsylvania.



Learn more about all this in this story, about the beginning of my garden and some serious garden envy.

Please click on this link: First Glimpse of the Garden

My next story is about onions, the phases of the moon and some words of wisdom from an Old Yankee Farmer. It also contains yet another amazing illustration from my good friend Dan Marsula. He always makes me look good!

It also features a fabulous recipe that I got from the Mario, the chef at the Vegetable Restaurant in Eataly. When I’m in NYC I often go there for a wonderful meal. This was one of the best things ever: Farro with Asparagus and Pea Puree. Excepting, of course, a vine-ripened Tomato!


To read the story and get the recipe, please click on this link: On the Dark Side of the Moon

A New Miriam’s Garden Story


Posted by Miriam Rubin on June 12, 2013

Love that Lettuce!

Love that Lettuce


Adore those salads. And home-grown lettuce is something to celebrate. Here is my latest Miriam’s Garden column which runs in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This story is all about Salads and a little lettuce history with help from Southern Exposure Seeds and Lynn Coulter, author of Gardening with Heirloom Seeds.

It includes a recipe for this wonderful salad from Louisa Shafia’s great book “The New Persian Kitchen,”  which was published by Ten-Speed Press.



This is Rhubarb, Radish and Strawberry Salad. It was sweet, tart and amazing. The rhubarb, radishes and lettuce came from my garden. Be sure to use full-flavored organic strawberries here. They’re all in season right now! A picture of our rhubarb is below.


You’ll find Louisa’s recipe and more in the link below.

Studiously Savoring These Salad Days



Great Gardens!


Posted by Miriam Rubin on June 12, 2013

It’s mid-June and things are really happening in my garden. Just about everything is planted and thriving.

This San Marzano Tomato looks really lush, especially because it took some frost damage last month. Now it’s got a flower!

Tall Tomato

This overhead shot shows how fabulous our salads have been, all that lettuce and dill. The beets are still babies though.

Beets overhead

Shrouded in mystery here are the new plantings of summer squash, zucchini and cucumbers. Covering them will protect them from the squash bug and the two types of cucumber beetles: striped and spotted. They love to destroy our crops. Plant early, plant late and cover is our coping method.

Garden under wraps


The garlic has scapes! I need to cut them off so the bulbs can fatten. I also want to get in there and do some weeding. You have to be careful no to disturb the garlic however.

Great Garlic

And soon there will be peas. They have thin pods which will swell with sweet June peas, one of the best reasons for having a garden. Besides Tomatoes, of course.

Peas a plenty


And potatoes. Here is Ricky the cat guarding them, or looking for a cool, shady spot to nap. He always has a slightly worried look.


Ricky Guarding the Garden